When should I call if I want delivery photographs?

Five to six months is ideal, but I've had clients call from their hospital rooms when they've gone into labor earlier than expected.  I do limit my number of clients per month so that might be another reason to call early on.  I usually schedule a meeting with potential childbirth clients in order to meet each other, go over my list of advice for great communication and talk about capturing your life-changing event in photographs.  I require a deposit to "hold your reservation" in the month you are due.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

I'm always "on call" for my clients.

Once I'm at the hospital, when should I call?

Call me when you get there, call every time they check you, call if your water breaks, call whenever you have an update.  Communication is your responsibility and is the key in making sure I'm there when the time is right.

How many hours do you stay?

I don't have a set number of hours because every birth is different.  My typical agenda is delivery, weighing and measuring, first bath, taking footprints, meeting parents and siblings.

Do I get all the photos?

Yes. Your photo collection includes all black and white 4x6 photos. The average session has approximately 150-200 photographs. Depending on how smooth and quickly the day (or night) goes. Also included is a birth announcement photo collage for your Facebook page so all can adore the newest member of your family. All photos seen on display have a signed release by the parents. You also have the option of purchasing a CD with all images.

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